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The attack in India or tile 2018 difficulties

- Mar 26, 2018-

In from March 7th to 9th, the 2018 India International Ceramics Industry Exhibition in India, Gandhinagar (Gandhinagar) Exhibition Center, attracted a total of more than 300 exhibitors. It is understood that henglitai, Stemm, SACMI West, a tripod, ACIMAC, Mo Dena, Tao Lixi, Nader, Bo Hui, Fu Lu, Itaca, Dong Cheng Hui, and other world-renowned Carlo Shakespeare ceramic machinery and equipment, chemical raw materials enterprises full debut exhibition.

Although many China ceramic machine enterprises, will slow the development of India ceramics industry in 2018, and entered the period of adjustment of product structure, but their participation enthusiasm is still high, have shown special skills "":

Henglitai articles and press YP16800 plate increased demand for large tonnage press YP7809 (YP7509 upgrade) Qi Liangxiang exhibition in India, the continuation of a boom in the production of ceramic board and ceramic enterprises meet production needs; delitai displaying the latest PPC combustion energy-saving system, precise control of gas consumption, realize sectional control of the air and fuel ratio, especially is the amount of gas for the furnace oxidation section of supply accurate, so as to improve the production yield and energy saving effect; its own new products on display Modena continuous mill, hot plate kiln industry nowadays also in this exhibition extravaganza, and the device is combined with the local development of ceramic enterprises saving energy saving, with new technology to the roller the kiln's air-fuel ratio system, in order to achieve obvious energy saving effect; UTAC exhibited special ceramic plate production reducer, The performance is stable and more energy saving.

All in all, at this exhibition, the "big board" press set off the upsurge of equipment upgrading, and energy saving and environmental protection equipment continue to become the focus. Functional ink has become an eye catching spot.  Behind these hot spots, how to reflect the needs of the India ceramic industry?

The development of India ceramics in 2018

In recent years, India speed to deliver the goods. As of now, Chinese ceramic machine has occupied half of the country India ceramic industry, Coda, henglitai, delitai, Modena, Ding, Bo Hui and other enterprises in India market are outstanding. According to Huang Xinfu, general manager of Shenzhen New Union Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Chinese made presses, polisher, kiln, grinding machine and powder preparation equipment are widely popular in India ceramic market.

According to Kuang Guojun, the marketing director of Hengli Tai Machinery Co., Ltd., Foshan, the rapid development of India ceramic industry started around 2015, reached its peak in 2016, and dropped somewhat in 2017.

So far, Hengli Tai has occupied more than 90% of the market share of India compressor market. Kuang Guojun said that it will continue to maintain high market share while providing high-quality and cost-effective products for India customers in the future. "Porcelain tiles will be the focus of the development of India ceramics industry in 2018." Kuang Kuo army said, based on this, Hengli Thai has successfully developed a series of 1509, 1809, 2009, 2509, 2809 and a series of highly competitive machine models.