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The price rises of tiles after the Spring Festival

- Feb 22, 2018-

Price of chemical materials in chemical industry

The overall rise of 20~50% in a year

The reporter was informed that since August 2017, the chemical raw material prices open "soar" mode, Zinc Oxide, zirconium silicate, frit, diluent, chlor alkali range skyrocketing, and prices continued until the end of 2017, during the various types of raw material prices have been rising "either, or flat dimensional stability." At the same time, all the other raw materials such as energy, sand, packing, hardware and other kinds of raw materials were all in a state of rising in 2017.

According to the insiders, in the past 2017, all kinds of raw materials, such as environmental protection and land and resources, were all in a state of rising prices, and the most powerful ones were mainly those with high environmental pollution or high monopoly degree.

According to reports, by the end of December 2017, chlor alkali, titanium dioxide, zirconium silicate, alumina, Zinc Oxide and other chemical raw materials supply prices in January compared to 2017, or between 25~50% range, most chemical raw material prices reached the highest value in November, and since December, in a weak adjustment phase.

In addition, carton, natural gas, coal and other purchasing prices have also increased greatly. It is understood that the carton price reached a high level at the end of 2016, which began to decrease at the beginning of 2017, and then continued to rise due to environmental protection and supply and demand problems, and catch up with the peak period of 2016.

It is not the case. In recent years, facing the pressure of economic downfall, China is closely related to the structural reform of supply side, aiming at promoting enterprises to reduce costs, introducing tax reduction and fee reduction, reducing the burden of enterprises' taxes and fees, and strongly supporting the development of real economy. However, there are Tao enterprises that, however, with the further normalization of taxes and fees, the tax expenditure of small and medium-sized enterprises in the past is actually not decreasing.

"By the end of 2017, our comprehensive production cost increased by 30% compared to that in 2016, of which carton packaging increased by 10%~15%, natural gas increased by 50%, chemical and sediment raw materials increased by 30%, and equipment replacement cost increased by 50%." The head of a handmade brick enterprise in Foshan told reporters, "because of the high cost of production, we are considering the price rises after the Spring Festival in 2018."

According to the introduction, in the comprehensive production cost of ceramic enterprises of raw materials, fuel, is the three largest artificial cost, but the manual in 2017 remained stable, and the rising cost of raw materials and fuel are just from the beginning of the second half of the first half of 2017, a considerable part of raw material prices even fell.

"From the current price, the cost of Guangdong ceramic enterprises is still within the range of affordability. If it is difficult to bear, it will definitely raise the price of ceramic tiles, and now there are not many enterprises that raise the price of ceramic tiles." Guangdong Enping a ceramic enterprises responsible person said to the reporter, although raw materials, fuels, cartons and other prices soaring, but compared to the peak in October, prices fell slightly, so the cost pressure is not too large, the largest downward pressure still from the market.

In order to intuitively understand the rising extent of ceramic tiles in various places, the following samples are selected to be observed.

Faku: 800 * 800mm tiles, increase the cost of 2 yuan per piece

Faku ceramic industry in 2017 not only enormous pressure from the market downturn, overcapacity, strict environmental aspects, rising production and comprehensive operating costs become the ceramic production enterprise growing unbearable.

"The price of raw materials in 2017 is different from the price of individual raw materials in the past year. In 2017, the prices of all kinds of raw materials were all system and all chain type." Shenyang Longsheng Thai Ceramic Group Co. Ltd. the production department general manager Chen Jian introduced, in 2017, prices of most products is obvious for carton. A packing carton prices by 2.5 yuan at the end of 2016 rose to 3.7 yuan now, with three pieces of packaging, for example, on average each 800 x 800mm tiles to take 4 cents more than in 2016; coal overall than in 2016 rose nearly 15%, equivalent to each 800 x 800mm tile, and increased nearly 5 cents.

Gao An: the highest cost of production and operation is 30%

In 2017, the soaring prices of raw materials, but the overall price is high Anchan area tile down not up, the enterprise profit space is further compressed. However, a considerable number of powerful pottery enterprises fill in the profit space by increasing the proportion of high value products.

Zibo: costs increase by at least 10%, tile prices are up only 7%

The day before, the reporter was informed by the cost of production in Zibo ceramic enterprises, affected by various factors, in 2017 compared to 2016, Zibo ceramic enterprises increased production costs at least 10%, and the price is difficult to rise tile, ceramic enterprises profits are compressed space.

Jiajiang: 10%~20%, the price of the product does not rise and fall

In 2017, the total production cost of Jiajiang ceramic enterprises rose by about 10%~20%.

In the face of all kinds of price increases of raw materials, ceramic enterprises within the areas have also expressed frustration, not only by raising the price to rise on tile crisis, does not reduce the quality of procurement of inferior raw material number, so enterprises can only do only weaken their profits and reduce the cost of marketing and brand promotion.