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Ceramic Tile Purchase 4 Big Misunderstanding, Do You Choose Wrong

- Sep 11, 2017-

Ceramic tiles usually give people a sense of the broad, and easy to manage, is the most common wall surface decoration materials. But many people in the purchase, the allocation of ceramic tiles, will make some formalism fault, blindly seek stripes, color, do not know if we have a recruit?
Myth One: The use of bright tiles to enhance indoor lighting
Most homes and office buildings tend to be decorated with brightly colored tiles, because bright tiles not only make the room look rich and shiny, but also can compensate for the lack of daylighting to a certain extent.
Misunderstanding interpretation:
Bright polished tiles and a part of the antique brick light reflectivity can be as high as 90%, and usually the light reflection coefficient of the wall is about 70%, mirror glass about 80%, if long days in a lubrication tile wall on the floor of the room environment, light reflection will make the eyes very tired, and even cause the visual function to drop, Therefore, home tiles do not advocate the use of too bright tiles.
Myth Two: Blind deployment of the waist line in space
At ordinary times, the edge of the wall will often be used to decorate the waist line, it can from the visual space to increase and decrease the level of sense, and reflect the owner's characteristics, grades and days sentiment, quite popular with the public.
Misunderstanding interpretation:
Although the characteristics are very beautiful, but the waist line brick is not at any time applicable, more see there are two kinds of situation is not suitable for laying waist line: One is the height of the bathroom is not good, paved the waist line will make the overall space cut, the original is not high toilet appears more low; second, the kitchen area is small, perhaps the use of the whole cabinet family, Cabinet height and waist line height are almost 80-90 centimeters, waist line just appeared in the cupboard counter surface, not only no decoration function also appear messy.
Myth Three: Thick tile is better than thin tile
Many home furnishing products are thicker and better quality, so the owners tend to constitute an inherent thinking that the heavy things more real. In fact, the thick tile on the market is indeed more popular than the thin tiles, and the larger the specification the thicker the tiles, while the same specification of the tiles than wall tiles thicker.
Misunderstanding interpretation:
For the tile thickness of this question, there is no uniform mandatory norms, so there is no so-called "thicker than thin good." On the use of value, tile the greatest value is still the role of decoration, just carrying capacity and the ability to prevent damage is enough, too thick tile is not environmentally friendly.
Myth Four: Tile style, pattern too thick turbid
Prestige Inquiry manifestation, the owner buys the ceramic tile commodity to pay attention to the factor first is the pattern, surpasses 35% the owner to make the pattern as the first important factor, many people buy the tile picture is a beautiful, a brain to have the pattern tile to fill the ground or the wall surface.
Misunderstanding interpretation:
Ceramic tile style, pattern too thick muddy, whether this is avant-garde is still national wind, not suitable for a peacetime living environment. With more stripes, more color for the specification to buy tiles, and finally a simple decoration of a pot of stew home. Many patterns, beautiful patterns are not equal to the appropriate, but because of dazzling form of discomfort.