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Unlock 5 Of Popular Tiles On The Market

- Sep 11, 2017-

There are a lot of people complain that the bedroom tiled tile is too good to play the role of embellishment, it is because you do not understand the tile.
Tile color variety, how to shop have different visual experience.
If you want to make a difference, first you have to understand the current market of several popular tile paving methods.
The choice of paving way also determines the style of home and beauty degree.
Paving mode 1: seam overlay
Seam paving can also be called tile or straight shop, parallel to the wall side of the way to pave, brick and brick with a gap of 3-5 mm, with the color of the bricks close to the hook seam treatment, looks fresh, neat. Suitable for modern minimalist style, rectangular tile transverse or vertical shop, can make the whole space appear spacious, although it is the traditional paving way but also the most engaging.
Paving mode 2: "Work" font tile
"Work" font is actually wood flooring commonly used paving methods, but in recent years also applies to imitation wood floor tiles to achieve the effect of imitation wood flooring, some antique bricks, cultural stone can also be used in this way. The "work" font has the function of stretching vision, so it is suitable for laying in the narrow space. Wall tiles can also "work" Font shop, but the price is slightly higher than tile. "Work" font stickers also have certain drawbacks, the next brick brick end with the middle of the brick arrangement with each other, time long floor tiles in the middle of the possibility of the drum, of course, paving brick master craft requirements higher.
Paving mode 3: rhombus Paving
Diamond-shaped paving refers to the wall edge into a 45-degree corner of the way to do the tile paving, is the most common European style inside the paving method, suitable for the performance of antique bricks of the ancient charm. This kind of paving method will make the metope or the ground level feeling stronger, the diamond shop pastes suits to the huxing large and the pattern good house. Diamond stickers are not suitable for large-scale paving, so there will be a feeling of crowding. Suitable for restaurants, living room, corridor and other decorative paving, diamond paving will have a large number of repair, cutting. Even a mix of waves and even a mosaic effect, so the price of the shop will be slightly higher than the first two ways.
Paving Mode 4: Combined paving
Tiles of different sizes, styles and colours are paved in two or more combinations, and this is a combination of methods. This kind of paste is suitable for European style and country style, paving way is richer. Paving effect makes people feel more exquisite wood, but also can foil the space atmosphere. Modular paving is mainly used in the vicinity of the ground or corridor porch and other places. The ground flower line, the angle flower and so on is uses the Ceramic tile processing to form the ground decoration picture, mainly uses in the hall, the tea table or the table below.
Paving mode 5: "Person" font tile
Herringbone Paving is a relatively new way of paving, suitable for personalized modern minimalist style home, paving the price is more expensive. Herringbone paving the line is very strong, not suitable in the living room and the bedroom large area of paving. With mosaic, pebble inlay of cement ground and its changeable color and modelling, can only be used for local embellishment, so usually used for small areas such as balcony or aisle.