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Mosaic Tiles How To Paste A Dainty

- Sep 11, 2017-

Mosaic of diversity and quality performance, gradually in the home decoration revealed, whether it is simple color patchwork or color puzzles, have different charm, generous at the same time have personality. But for mosaic tiles how to paste, I believe there are still a lot of people are not very clear, the next one to learn.
First step gluing
The glue is to first brush a layer of glue on the wall, this is a mosaic tile paving an important step. will be mixed with good tile glue or white cement brush on the wall, with special tools daub evenly, flat, daub glue or white cement thickness is best about 20mm.
Second Step tile mosaic tiles
In accordance with the design drawings will be tiled tiles in order to do a good base on the wall, each finished a tile, it is necessary to combine with glue firmly. You can use a seam to wipe the prison or the rubber hammer evenly beat, to ensure that each mosaic tile can be firmly combined.
The third step fills the seam
After the mosaic tiles drying has a certain strength, you can begin to fill the seam work. At this time it is best to use a professional filler or putty shovel, will be adjusted to fill the filler evenly to the mosaic tile gap, filling when pay attention to the fullness of the filling agent. Each operation area can not be greater than 2 square meters, to ensure construction quality, reduce the difficulty of cleaning.
Step fourth clean mosaic tiles after 20-25 minutes, with wet cloth or wet sponge to the surface of the ceramic tile to remove the excess filler clean, pay attention to control the intensity of the cleaning, to avoid the gap in the filling agent also erase, and finally with a dry cloth to wipe the process of finishing.
1. When tiling mosaic tiles, the gap between each tile and the gap between the mosaic particles to maintain the same, to avoid affecting the overall beauty.
2. Every time the mosaic is finished, press the compaction to ensure full adhesion.
3. Because mosaic focus on flower, so each mosaic order to pay attention to the wrong rework waste of human and material resources.
4. Tiled tiles should be embedded tightly, there will be no skew, such as the surface no stain, glue and so on.