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How To Stick The Tiles To Prevent Slipping

- Sep 11, 2017-

Ceramic tile is the most important in the decoration, the tile is not affixed well may bring many hidden dangers. Decoration will inevitably appear problems, but after the problems that need to be corrected, those can be fastidious, we must distinguish between the weight, today, to say the experience of tiling, do not easily underestimate these problems.
I. Buy and decorate the main material-"tile" before you must understand these five steps:
Step one: Determine style
In the selection of ceramic tiles, first of all to examine the design style of the room, according to the intensity of the bedroom lighting, size, and then decide to choose the color of the tiles, patterns, specifications, the general room narrow to choose monochrome floor tiles appropriate.
Step Two: Market inquiry
It's okay. When the building materials market to collect the promotional materials of manufacturers, asking good prices. If there is a trade show, promotional activities, do not miss the opportunity, at this time free access to information and provide advisory services, and adequate resources, variety of goods, generally good quality, there is room for choice, buy bricks can also get a certain discount.
Step Three: Expert advice
To the industry experts, professionals, as well as the purchase of ceramic tile users consulting, summing up a wide range of experience, from the comparison selection, summing up other people's experience and lessons, to find their own satisfaction with the brand.
Step Fourth: Brand comparison
Because the brand represents the enterprise's product comprehensive strength, it includes the technology, the quality, the service and so on connotation. Consumers in the purchase of products must choose a good reputation, high credibility of the product. In addition, the building materials market is a variety of tiles gathered in the place, to the building materials market to buy ceramic tiles, quality more assured. But also depends on the credibility of the building materials market and management norms, the larger the better.
Step Fifth: Identify the brand
In general, large companies, brand-name enterprises before the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service ability, talk about credit, heavy commitment, users have what problem, door-to-door service and give technical solutions.
Two. The current market on a variety of ceramic tile, the selection of ceramic tile before the category and choose the right tile:
Distinguish the types of tiles
Ceramic tile Classification to be clear, only to understand the type of tile, in order to choose tiles not fooled. Ceramic tile from the appearance to divide, generally two categories, namely glazed tile and vitrified brick. Glazed tiles are generally used in the kitchen and bathroom, and vitrified bricks are mainly used in the living room, bedroom and other areas.
But the professional angle is in accordance with the water absorption rate to divide, a total of five categories:
The first type is porcelain tile (water absorption rate e≤0.5%), the market mainly has polished tiles, supermarket bricks, glaze matte, all polishing glaze, microcrystalline jade Tile and so on.
The second category is ceramic brick: (E) greater than 9%, less than 18%, the market mainly glazed tiles and matte glazed ceramic wall tiles.
The third category is Stoneware tiles: (E) greater than 0.5%, less than or equal to 3%, generally applicable to balconies, external wall tiles.
The fourth kind is fine stoneware brick: (E) is more than 3%, is less than equal to 6% of ceramic tiles. Generally applicable to the construction of external wall tiles.
The fifth category is Stoneware brick: (E) more than 6%, less than the equivalent of 10% of ceramic tiles. Suitable for indoor floor tiles.
Under normal circumstances, the lower the water absorption rate, the better the quality, the better the decorative effect, the more comfortable the use.
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