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Main Classification Of Mosaic Tiles

- Sep 11, 2017-

Mainly divided into:
1, ceramic mosaic. Is the most traditional kind of mosaic, known for its exquisite, but more monotonous, lower grade.
2, Marble mosaic. is the medium-term development of a mosaic variety, rich and colorful, but its acid and alkaline poor, waterproof performance is not good, so the market reflects not very well.
3. Glass mosaic. The colorful glass brings the mosaic vigor. 

Depending on the variety of glass, it is divided into a variety of small varieties:
1 Fused glass mosaic. To silicate as the main raw material, at high temperature melting molding and is a milky or a half milky muddy, containing a small number of bubbles and glass mosaic particles.
2 Sintered glass mosaic. Taking the glass powder as the main raw material, adding the appropriate amount of binder and so on, compacting into a certain size of the billet; the glass mosaic which is sintered at a certain temperature.
3 Venus Glass mosaic. Contains a small number of bubbles and a certain amount of metal crystal particles, with a clear flash of glass mosaic.
4, commonly used specifications mosaic 20x20mm, 25x25mm, 30x30mm, thickness in turn in 4mm-4.3mm. There are other kinds of brick names on the market, but no matter how chaotic they may be, they can basically be classified into one of the above varieties.