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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Tiles

- Sep 11, 2017-

1, whether it is wall tiles or floor tiles, to see the color of the tile should be clear and uniform, without pinhole, bubble, infiltration, pitting, chromatic aberration, deformation, lack of angle and other defects.
2, the one hand to take the tile, another hand with the palm or hard objects, listen to knock out the more crisp, echo longer, then the ceramic tile higher degree, impurities less, high density, the better quality. Wall tiles can also be left-handed thumb, index finger and middle finger clip tile corner, easy down, with the right index finger tap the lower part of the tile, the same sound, the more long, the less impurities, the higher the density, and vice versa.
3, through the ceramic tile water absorption speed to distinguish between good and bad and belong to which category, the water droplets in the back of the tile, to see how fast the infiltration, generally speaking, the slower the water absorption, the higher the density of the tile, the better the quality;
The water absorbing speed of ceramic tiles.
Ceramic tile Suction Water finish effect, at the same time can detect its absorption water permeability, has been pouring water until not to absorb water, and then 5 minutes to observe whether it will penetrate to the surface, if infiltration in the past, representing the glazed tile is relatively thin, more pinhole, low density, poor quality.
Vitrified brick test time, after 5 minutes, and then use dry cloth to wipe the back of the water, see whether it will leave the traces of water, and then compare the quality of enterprises, with no traces of the product is good. The two tiles stand out, don't they?
4, the higher the precision of the tile side length, the better the effect after the paving, buy the quality tile not only easy construction, but also can save the man-hour and the auxiliary material. Measuring the size of each tile with a tape measure is there any difference, high precision for the top grade, if there is no measurement tool, on the two tiles together, to touch the tile length is consistent.
5, check the flatness of the tiles, take out 2 pieces of the same batch of tiles, put on a plane, touch the two tiles whether in a horizontal plane, the national standard does not allow more than positive or negative 2 mm.
6, to view the ability of the infiltration of ceramic tile, with a large pen or ink, in the ceramic tile surface test, after 10 minutes dry, and then wipe with a damp cloth.
If you wipe the surface of the ceramic tile is not clean, on behalf of the tile anti-fouling ability is not good, check the surface pinhole bubble is more. Good quality tiles wipe the finish without leaving traces.
7, weigh the weight, to try the feel of the tile, for the same specification product, the more solid, the higher the density, the better the texture of the tiles, feel is more heavy, on the contrary, the quality of the ceramic tile products lighter.
8, withstand pressure, non-slip test, this can be tilted tile up, and then people step on the brick surface, and on the surface of the brick face to move up and down, see if the tiles will have an exception. In the family, non-slip people are generally in the kitchen and bathroom, because of the water, the floor is easy to slip down a wet, so usually the mall is only water sprinkle on the ground, so that consumers try to see how, give us a perceptual understanding of the test process, in the purchase of ceramic tiles, you can ask the merchant to provide professional institutions of testing information, Inquire about the sale, their ceramic tile product is how to do non-slip effect, make one is to touch with the hand, with feet, see slippery feet.
9, test scratch test, start testing the hardness of ceramic tiles, hard to use scissors on the surface of the tile to move back and forth, see if the tiles will be scraping flowers: no matter how hard, ceramic tiles like added a layer of armor, bulletproof, smooth still, called top grade.