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Mosaic Tile Selection, Cleaning And Maintenance Skills

- Sep 11, 2017-

Mosaic tiles can make the bathroom more vibrant beauty. If the choice of tiles is mosaic, so high-quality mosaic tiles to keep the bathroom for a long time elegant and bright colors, so how to select mosaic tiles?
1 Mosaic Tile Hardness
Friends to buy tiles, of course, is to purchase a better quality, better before the appearance of a better decorative effect, but not because the impact of a slight rupture and so on. So in order to pay attention to the hardness of mosaic tiles, not only the hardness of good, but also have a certain degree of toughness, so that will not easily broken, and in the shop will not crack.
2 Mosaic tile surface
Tiles are liked by people, mainly because the decorative effect of ceramic tile is better, is the surface of ceramic tile glaze, mosaic tile is no exception, its surface that layer of glaze quality also to be reliable, so in the selection of mosaic tiles should be selected glaze uniform, smooth and smooth.
3 Mosaic Tile Antiskid Property
In addition, we also need to pay attention to the mosaic tile non-slip performance, if the hand-held mosaic tile wall, brick face slippery words will easily cause people to slip to, knock injury and other security risks, water in the mosaic tile surface sliding slower non-slip performance is better.
4 Mosaic tile Color
Mosaic tiles are liked because of the mosaic tile surface texture patterns and color combinations, so in the determination of the quality of mosaic tiles, it is necessary for its surface to discriminate, the standard is the mosaic tile surface color if the exact same, texture pattern should be clear, There will be no disconnection or any other occurrences.
5 Mosaic tile Size
There is also a need to attach great importance to the size of mosaic tiles, mosaic tiles of the ruler of the ten standard, the error should be as small as possible, so the best construction effect will be neat and beautiful, mosaic tile edge also neat, not bump.
Because of the specificity of the tile, its cleaning and maintenance is also different from other tiles, let us look at it.
Mosaic Cleaning:
Where the mosaic is pasted, take the cleaning agent and spray the side brush. If it is wet, then take the brush, clean the water directly after the use of JFE, if it is dry, usually with spray and clean rag. If it is the floor, and there is no drainage system on the ground, first take the vacuum cleaner, and then use the detergent to add water, wring dry rag wipe, basically almost. If it is the floor of the bath room, there is a daily shower after the direct spray a little, to use a SOAP trace function.
The most important thing is to clear one at a time and make sure to do it once a week.
Mosaic Maintenance:
1, mosaic ground to prevent heavy landing.
2, cleaning and maintenance can be used in general detergent, such as powder, washing powder and so on, heavy fouling can also be used to wash toilet detergent.
3, such as mosaic fall off, missing, can be used with the mosaic adhesive.
Binder formula: Cement 1, fine sand 1, 107 glue 0.02-0.03 or cement 1, 107 glue 0.05, water 0.26 parts. 107 glue generally accounts for 0.2%-0.4% of cement. After adding 107 glue, the binder is stronger than the single water and cement, and the initial coagulation time is long and can be used for 2-3 hours continuously. Easy to use. A small number of missing pieces, can also be used to flush white latex 3 times times water, add a little cement bond.
4, North Winter, Mosaic ground to pay attention to antifreeze.