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Tile Selection Knowledge To Uncover Mosaic Masks

- Sep 11, 2017-

Even though there are thousands of kinds of tiles, but I love mosaic background wall, love mosaic tile unique. Many consumers have a deep "mosaic complex", no resistance to mosaic tiles. Since you want to choose mosaic tiles to decorate, then, how can not learn to learn mosaic tiles to buy knowledge, how can not see how many kinds of mosaic?
Small particle mosaic
Small particle mosaic: small particle mosaic specifications are usually 15mm*15mm, no fine seam, tight structure, patterns can also be rich changes, mainly for the ground, wall and various types of plane decoration.
Introduction of stone mosaic specifications
Mosaic is a very wide range of stone mosaic is one of them. Stone mosaic refers to the natural stone cut, cutting, according to the actual need to grind into different specifications of the Mosaic block, and then mosaic Mosaic. In the Mosaic family, the highest grade of stone mosaic. The following small series to take you to specific understanding of the stone mosaic specifications, parents, you can choose in the actual decoration.
In general, the size of the stone mosaic specifications are mainly 20mm*20mm, 15mm*15mm, 10mm*10mm, 9.5mm*9.5mm, there are also some larger size specifications, 25mm*25mm and 30mm*30mm, and so on, the thickness of the general in 7mm, 8mm, About 10mm.
Introduction of stone mosaic classification
The stone mosaic also has the standard subdivision, mainly including the mold mosaic, the castle brick, the mosaic rug, the broken surface mosaic, the 3D mosaic, the Small granule mosaic 6 kinds.
Mould mosaic
Mold Mosaic: Light weight, large gap and even, in the construction of the filling seam is relatively easy, but the construction of improper words will leave very obvious traces of the boundary, suitable for large-scale flat decoration.
Castle Brick: On the market, the specification of the castle brick is generally used in 100mm*100mm or 150mm*150mm, mainly for flat decoration.
Mosaic Carpet
Mosaic carpet: Mosaic carpet in the most distinctive pattern is required to be specially designed, the entire structure is not a gap, the structure is very tight, usually using more mosaic types, the process is more complex.
Fracture surface mosaic: Rugged is the biggest feature of fracture surface mosaic, its visual effect is natural fault effect, mostly used for Non-slip ground, outdoor dado or kicking line.
3D Mosaic
3D mosaic: 3D mosaic weight in the building of three-dimensional effect, more applications in indoor and outdoor wall decoration.