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How Safe Is The Skid Coefficient Of Tiles

- Sep 11, 2017-

Many people do not know that the floor tile also has non-slip coefficient, even if you know the floor tile non-slip coefficient does not understand the classification of the principle, so in the time of buying floor tiles are easy to be fooled by the boss, then the safety level of tile non-slip coefficient is how to divide it? Today, Jia Chen Small series to everyone said, let everyone in the purchase of ceramic tile will not be ceramic tile shop boss to go.
In China's national standards of ceramic tiles, clearly included in the test method of friction coefficient, but also require the manufacturer of ceramic tiles in the product factory, to provide friction coefficient of data and testing methods. Therefore, in the purchase of anti-skid bricks, you need to ask the merchant to give the friction coefficient of bricks, choose the high friction coefficient of products.
Friction coefficient and safety level of tiles
1, 0.34 below skid resistance, extremely dangerous
2, 0.35 poor skid resistance, extremely dangerous
3, 0.40 Non-slip poor, dangerous
4, 0.5  above non-slip resistance is better, in line with the safety level
5, 0.6  above non-slip good, very safe
Everyone in the purchase of Non-slip tiles to pay attention to the ceramic tile above has not been waxed or coated with non-slip agent, generally daub non-slip agent is not visible, using a transparent water-based non-slip agent, on the surface of the material to form countless invisible micro-stop-slip hole, increase the ground friction coefficient and vacuum sucker effect to produce non-slip effect, In order to achieve non-slip safety factor, because the anti-skid structure is permanent, even if the floor tiles have been used for a long time wear, will not affect the non-slip effect.