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When Paving The Floor Tiles, The Owners Pay Attention To This Is Enough

- Sep 11, 2017-

Many owners only know that there are bricklayer tile on the line, do not need to understand. But what if this bricklayer is a novice? If you do not understand, is not fooled by the past? Rest assured, today I said, not so complex, direct dry goods. You only need to know: the process is less than one step is to save materials, construction points less, is not professional!
The steps of the toilet tile are: Waterproof treatment--Pat Brick-Determine the horizontal level--paving the floor tile--digs the drainage hole--the seam, cleans.The floor tile of the toilet is roughly Snumber slope, incline to the floor drain direction, avoid causing stagnant water; (floor drain cover should be lower than ground brick 2mm~4mm)
The worker's master left the bottom tile in the tiled wall tiles. Therefore, after the completion of the floor, to the corner of the first subsidy;
Bathroom floor because of the frequent accumulation of water, so the gap between floor tiles should be evenly, compaction;
Try to avoid sewing to the door;
Ceramic tiles, to be soaked before paving;
After the trial shop, take the floor tiles, check the mortar and brick surface between there is no gap, if there is a gap, should be filled with mortar, to prevent the emergence of empty drums (this process is very important, very easy to ignore and cause empty drums); Bricklayer paving, look at his gestures to know is not novice! For example, when paving bricks with rubber hammer kiss, from the middle to the four sides, from the sides to the middle of repeated several times.